Official Release Date: May 26, 2017
Artist(s): Symbolize, Coldbeat
Genre(s): Electro House, DJ Tools
Sub-genre(s): Complextro, STEMS
Label: Coldwave Records

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BIO: She made him see orange, but feel blue. She made his soul cry, while he kept dry eyes. She promised so much, and gave none. This is his reminder; you can't make me feel this way, 'When I Die'. Alongside the Original Mix by Symbolize we have Coldbeat with an Electro House remix, with Complextro slices, heavy beat and dirty basslines, in contrast to a breakdown full of mystery, with magical synths and trancy leads.

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CWREC112STEMS Back To You (Coldbeat Remix)

Official Release Date: May 19, 2016
Artist(s): Coldbeat, Madistt, Brooke Mitchell
Genre(s): Electro House, DJ Tools
Sub-genre(s): STEMS, Complextro
Label: Coldwave Records

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BIO: Coldbeat takes the feeling of the 'Back To You' song, originally by Madistt, into a whole new direction with his "dark" Electro House remix, filled with heavy bass tones mixed with the melodic and happy energy of Brooke Mitchell's lyrics. Conflicting emotions, going in opposite directions, and yet, a blasting remix in perfect balance.

CWREC132 Shaman Seekers

Official Release Date: June 7, 2017
Artist(s): Glen Neff
Genre(s): Electronica/ Downtempo
Sub-genre(s): Downtempo, Ambient
Label: Coldwave Records

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BIO: Santa Fe/Madrid musician and painter Glen Neff fuses his love of instrumental improvisation with a steady hand in the digital studio on his new album of globally influenced electronic music. For once-devout followers of the ambient/chill movement of radio airwaves,Neff’s work will tickle that perhaps-dormant spot in your ear canal in some pretty intriguing ways. While there is a heft of traditional African, Punjabi- Bhangra, Eastern European and Middle Eastern influence running through the album’s rhythmic and vocal-sample veins, Neff deftly adds more contemporary meat to the musical muscle, with layers upon layers of synth, live instruments, effects, drum programming and out-of-left-field genre inclusions. It takes a careful listen to sift the latter out, but it’s worth the ride if you want a mellow escape.

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